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Finding Quakers Around the World 2012 Map


Click here to get the 2012 map Finding Quakers Around the World. This map contains membership numbers for Quaker groups worldwide and shows their locations.

New to the 2012 map is the inclusion of emerging yearly meetings that are a result of Friends missionary activity.

Use the interactive map to find a Quaker church or meeting in North America.

Find Friends' meetings and churches in Africa.

Find Friends' meetings and churches in Europe and the Middle East.

Find Friends' meetings and churches in Asia-West Pacific.


Announcing Peru 2016

Living the Transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of God’s children (Romans 8:19)

FWCC is pleased to announce that the next World Plenary Meeting (formerly the Triennial/International Representatives Meeting) will be held in Peru from 19 to 27 January 2016, at the Royal Inca Hotel in Pisac, near Cusco.

The FWCC World Plenary Meeting replaces the Triennial and will be held every four years. International Representatives are appointed by yearly meetings and other groups that are affiliated with FWCC. Friends may also attend via an Open Place.

The Local Arrangements Committee (LAC) and the International Planning Committee (IPC) have been planning for the event. Watch the FWCC web site for updates and conference materials as they are developed.

The theme of the meeting is "Living the Transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of God’s children (Romans 8:19)".

Apply for an Open Place

“While we are excited about taking our main representative meeting to a major centre of Quakerism in South America for the first time, holding this meeting in Peru presents many challenges,” said FWCC General Secretary Gretchen Castle, “not least of which are the financial costs and the need to be as sustainable as possible in both planning and holding the meeting.”

Gretchen added that the IPC, co-clerked by Friends from Ireland and the USA, is being kept deliberately small and it will meet face-to-face only three times (once in conjunction with another meeting in which most IPC members are involved). Most of the work will take place using video conferencing, email and other electronic means, keeping both the financial and environmental costs as low as possible. As much of the work as possible will be done by the LAC, including the major responsibilities of organising on-site matters and local transportation.

“Even though we are doing this work as efficiently as possible, there are still major cost implications for FWCC in planning this meeting,” said Gretchen. She added that a formal appeal to raise funds to help Friends attend this meeting will be launched later this year, but donations towards the planning and organisation costs are welcome now. To donate, please visit our donations page.

Announcing World Quaker
                                          Day 5 October 2014

5 Oct. 2014

WOrld Quaker Day (WQD) took place on October 5, 2014. The theme Let Your Life Speak: Living the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice, connects us to the work we did at the World Conference of Friends in 2012 in Kenya, taking the work forward in the context of our spiritual communities.

Reports from Friends around the world can be found on the World Quaker Day website.

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Flowing from the World Conference

There are many initiatives being undertaken around the world to follow up the World Conference which was held in April 2012.

If you are involved in any activity related to the Conference, please let us know, and we will highlight it here or on the Conference website.

Order your World Conference Report & DVD

The Report of the Sixth World Conference of Friends is now available to order, as is the documentary that was made at the Conference.


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There are many opportunities to support FWCC by donating your time, in your local meeting or church, in your section and even at the world level. This can include volunteering in one of our offices or serving on committees, as well as being a champion for FWCC locally.

For activities at the section level, please contact your section office using the links on the right above.

If you would be interested in helping in the World Office, please contact Kim Bond.

FWCC can only function through committed Friends like you!

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About FWCC

Friends World Committee for Consultation is the umbrella organisation for the 400,000+ Friends, often called Quakers, around the world. Our purpose is to encourage fellowship among all the branches of the Religious Society of Friends.

As well as enabling the work at the Quaker United Nations Offices, FWCC, through its four section offices, runs programmes in different regions. The World Office is also responsible for the International Membership Programme.

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